Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have passed and we all have a fresh start on a New Year.  Now, it’s time to put up our Sukkah and enjoy our first harvest festival.

During Sukkot we can enjoy meals and family fun beneath this temporary ‘booth,’ or hut that many of us erect on our porches or backyards. Sukkot is a community-focused celebration yet also a very introspective period when we remember the time G-d freed us from slavery in Egypt, to wander 40 years in the desert before reaching the Promised Land of Israel.

So along the way to Israel, we built huts out of dried palms and branches. We took crops and fruits into our Sukkah and celebrated the fruits of nature’s sustenance.

Mom and dad -- kids love Sukkot! So as you build and decorate your Sukkah, here are six projects that everyone can enjoy participating in:

1.)  Create a Sukkot party diorama. Get a shoebox for your child and help cut small slits in the top. Have your children cut out small-ish fruit shapes and using glue sticks hang paper fruit chains from the inside top of the box. Add Lego people and tables to compliment the decor.

2.)  Make prayer flags. Go to a crafts store and purchase some burlap. Cut the burlap into strips and using markers and other decorations, write a prayer for Sukkot describing what the holiday means to your child. Hang all the prayers in your Sukkot. Save your old flags, and see what you and your children wrote from year to year.

3.)   As this is a gorgeous time of year, take a nature walk and collect pinecones. Paint the pinecones in whatever colors you choose. You can tie the pinecones together to make a chain and staple or tape the chain to the Sukkah wall.

4.)  Kids (and moms and dads)—take construction paper and either popsicle sticks or twigs. See if you can build your own Sukkah with the help of glue sticks or glue guns. Affix the paper to the sides of a twig or popsicle stick structure, and then decorate the structures with gold stars and stickers.

5.)  OK, here’s a simple activity, but mom and dad will need to help:  Celebrate the harvest and make a delicious, colorful fruit salad! Serve it up to all the guests in your Sukkah!

6.)  Finally, CAMP OUT IN YOUR SUKKAH! Remember, these were meant to be temporary shelters. See how many nights you can sleep in your Sukkah.