Yehudis Schamroth is many things to many people. She practices alternative medicine and is an experienced acupuncturist and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). But a surprisingly large group of lone soldiers know her as their unofficial “savta” (grandmother).officially an Israel365 Guardian of Israel, 

Yehudis began her career as an IDF mother with her own son. 

“I saw how much goes into taking care of a soldier,” Yehudis said. “Suddenly, doing his laundry and cooking his favorite food took on an entirely new dimension. I made sure that he made it to the train on time.”

Every Israeli knows how difficult it is to be a soldier in the IDF. After a physically and emotionally grueling week in army fatigues, soldiers are generally given half a day on Friday to travel home, a full day on Shabbat to recuperate, and are expected back on base Sunday morning. During that time, they are expected to launder their uniforms and carry out any personal chores. This is when ‘eema’ (mother) and ‘abba’ (father) are a vital part of the IDF, feeding and caring for their sons and daughters in uniform. For most IDF soldiers, a home-cooked meal and a clean uniform are just a bus ride away. ... Read More: Israel365