A new COVID-19 subvariant, JN.1, is responsible for an increasing share of coronavirus hospitalizations in Maryland and the surrounding region as families gather for the winter holidays.

The new variant is emerging as another, HV.1, remains dominant, according to public health officials. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows COVID-19 hospitalizations were up 1.55 percent nationwide for the two weeks ending Dec. 9.

JN.1, which emerged in August, represented more than 21 percent of new cases, but HV.1 was still the dominant coronavirus strain in the United States, causing more than 29 percent of cases.

In Maryland, HV.1 also remains the dominant strain, responsible for 35.4 percent of cases for the two weeks ending Dec. 9. Meanwhile, JN.1 represents 14.5 percent of cases, a spike of nearly 10 percent since Nov. 25.... Read More: Pikesville Patch