Pesach: The Jewish Time of Thanksgiving (Hodaya) is a special time for Rabbi David Frid, ALS patient and beloved father

Hi, I'm Rochel Frid. My husband, Rabbi Dovid Frid, has been struggling with ALS for the last twelve years. In the beginning we didn't know where this journey would take us, but looking back we can see threads of Emunah (faith), Divine providence and unending kindness woven through the tapestry of our lives.

Countless times we have been in life-threatening situations, but due to almost open miracles and the overwhelming generosity of our supporters, we have been able to afford top medical care and excellent caregivers, allowing us to pull through.

Last year at this time, we almost lost our precious father and husband. Now, as Pesach approaches once again, we are especially thankful. Thank you for granting R' Dovid the gift of lifesaving, quality care and the ability to live at home surrounded by his family. Thank you for allowing our family to function despite the challenges we face. And thank you Hashem for being surrounded by caring people and for every day of life.

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The Whole Story: In the year 2011 Rabbi David Frid was diagnosed with ALS, which causes complete deterioration of the muscles in the body. In the beginning, he heroically fought to function on his own, even after he was confined to a wheelchair. 


At present, the disease has progressed to the point where he is now fully paralyzed, on a breathing machine and although fully cognizant, can only communicate with his eyes.  He needs 24-hour surveillance and special care to survive.  The ongoing costs are mind boggling. In addition, his wife had to leave her job in order to devote herself to his care. The family cannot continue without your support!


Watch the video below with the powerful and memorable visit of Harav Hagaon Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz Shlita to R' Dovid. Donate generously to receive the Rav's powerful Bracha.