Baltimore, MD - Sept. 11, 2022 - Emergencies occur when least expected.  Often bystanders can provide lifesaving assistance while awaiting the arrival of emergency responders, if the required resources are readily available.  The O'Fishel Mitzvah Motivators Emergency Kit Program makes training and equipment available to synagogues, schools and institutions across Jewish communities to help save lives when seconds matter.

Over a year ago. Fishel Gross of Ofishel Caterers approached Eli Goldstein of Hatzalah of Baltimore and Startbeat medical training with the program idea and generous sponsorship. For the program to be a success, the appropriate medical supplies needed to be assembled and packaged into an accessible, lightweight and portable bag.  Furthermore, community members need to be trained in lifesaving skills that can be provided with and without equipment. After a year of research and development, and partnering with Project Ezra/The Chesed Fund, Hatzalah of Baltimore, and Talias Class, the O'Fishel Mitzvah Motivators Emergency Kit Program is being rolled out across the Baltimore community.  Over the next few weeks, the first 30 kits will be delivered for installation.  A 30 minute training video can be viewed at anytime from anywhere at  

Emergencies addressed include cardiac arrest, choking, opiate overdose, severe bleeding, and chest wounds to name a few.  The goal is to put lifesaving equipment and knowledge into the hands of those who are already on scene. With the upcoming holidays, the timing of this initiative is much needed.  More people congregate in synagogues now than any other time of year.   This initiative provides an army of on-the-ground trained community members who can immediately assist someone in crisis while waiting for Hatzalah or 911 first responders to arrive.

If you would like more information on how your site or community can join the program, please contact the program coordinator Shlomo Resnik at