The federal debt has increased by more than $1 trillion in the first six months of fiscal 2021, according to the official figures published by the U.S. Treasury.

On Sept. 30, 2020, the last day of fiscal 2020, the federal debt closed at $26,945,391,194,615.15. At the close of business on March 29, it was $27,990,843,257,187.65.

Thus, the federal debt has risen $1,045,452,062,572.50 so far in fiscal 2021.

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It took 205 years from the founding of the republic in 1776 for the federal government to accumulate its first $1 trillion in debt.  At the close of business on Sept. 30, 1981, the last day of fiscal 1981, the debt stood at $997,855,000,000.00, according to the Monthly Statement of the Public Debt. By Oct. 31, 1981, it had risen to $1,005,042,000,000.00.

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