Beto O’Rourke on Monday called for Congress to enact a “war tax” any time the country goes to war, with the proceeds going to care for veterans of the conflict.

The proposal came as part of a new plan by O’Rourke, a Democratic candidate for president, to expand services for military veterans.

The former Texas congressman repeated his call for the country to end what he called its “endless war” in Afghanistan and Iraq. O’Rourke said redirecting money from those conflicts could save at least $400 billion, half of which he said he would urge Congress to invest in veterans.

If elected, O’Rourke said he would push Congress to enact a law creating a new trust fund for veterans’ health care for every war the U.S. fights. Each fund would be paired a war tax, which O’Rourke’s campaign said would be “implemented on a progressive basis.”

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