Jerusalem, Israel -  June 28, 2016 - The 7th annual Temech Conference for Israeli Female Entrepreneurs was held on Monday, in Jerusalem's Ramada Hotel.

Temech began as an organization to help female olim enhance their work opportunities in Israel and developed helping Haredi women to receive better educations for better paying jobs. Now with an established business Hub, Temech offers flexible working spaces, desks with computers, meeting rooms and classrooms, plus workshops and networking opportunities with other religious business women.

The annual convention has grown to an attendance of over 650 women this year. Women business owners, service providers and entrepreneurs, from all over Israel, have an opportunity to attend workshops and lectures from two tracks. English and parallel programming in Hebrew were offered.

As every year, the morning begins with coffee, food, and divrei Torah and bracha from an inspirational rav. Rabbi Yitzhak Breitowitz, former Rav in Silver Spring, MD, and famed Maryland law professor, spoke to the participants of the English program on, Navigating the Balance: Eshet Chayil/ Business Woman. Rav Breitowitz mentioned Fortune 500 companies afraid of litigation for sexual harassment, are coming to see importance of our Torah values. One example was, nigeah, to leave doors open when man is alone with a woman in business situation. Women's gift is their ability to multi-task and deal with issues. The increase in female lawyers is changing the US legal system, Rav Breitowitz said, as with much more mediation today.  Rav Breitowitz concluded with a pasuk from Mishlah, " Know Hashem in all your ways." There should be no dichotomy, "all is from Hashem, and he will give you guidance." 

Temech CEO Shaindy Babad, also addressed the opening plenaries. Though Anglos started Temech for Anglos, Hebrew speakers were the majority this year, which Babad thinks is a great thing. More individuals coming together to take potential and make something bigger.

Morning English plenaries highlighted, Emma Butin, founder of Kryon, an international award winning software company. Her topic Successful Patterns of the Billion Dollar Club, what sets a business apart and makes it unique. Followed by Danna Hochstein Mann, Pausing in Motion: Managing in Growth, focus and build an "A" team was her advice. Building trust was stressed by both speakers.

Throughout the day, networking was encouraged and facilitated. After a lavish dairy hotel buffet, afternoon English workshops were led by Chani Horowitz, CEO Horowitz Group, and international real estate company; Yosef Levy, founder of Jewish Workshops and international marketing consultant; Debbie Kodish, CPA who raised millions while getting Israeli start-ups international funding; and Alina Shikolnikov, managing partner HP Business Accelerator. 

Oded Levinson, host Galei Tzahal  Financial Radio Show was featured at the closing session.

Once again this year, the US Embassy in Tel Aviv was involved in sponsoring the empowering program. Representatives were present and US flags were prominent in hotel lobby and on all materials. 

Also, the family of Henya Malka Lachner z"l sponsored again this year. One of the founders of Nishei and Bnos Agudath Yisrael, Lachner was known for her chesed, and her granddaughter Chavi Hertz continues to generously support Temech in her memory.

As one Conference participant, Hadassah Levy, said, "It was inspiring to meet and speak with so many women who are focused on building their businesses to support their families and nurture their passions. The presentations were truly excellent, with concrete tips on defining, expanding and managing your business. I came home brimming with ideas that need to be implemented, as soon as I have the time. Scratch that, I need to make time for them right now!"

Thanks to MC Naomi Elbinger, the English program with serious discussions and topics were introduced with humor and context, making a long full day seem far too short.