Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 14, 2016 - A Hub Etzion Launch Party was held at the first co-working space in Gush Etzion on Sunday night. Hub Etzion is a sign of the business and technological development taking place in the area. "These are really exciting times for Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and specifically Gush Etzion," said Gush resident Avi Abelow. "I really believe that we are witnessing the beginning of a phenomenal growth in our region that will continue at a tremendous rate, despite the terror!.

Gush Etzion community head, Davidi Perl expressed words of encouragement to Hub founders, Rachel Moore and Amy Shuter. The two women presented Perl with an official Hub tee-shirt with the slogan, Gush Etzion - where innovative thinking is an ancient tradition printed on the back

Yoel Baris, VP of Start Up Nation Central was one of the invitation only guests who attended. 

The event was sponsored by the Jerusalem Wine Club, with Eli Poch serving special wines, Yigal Arnon law firm, Aboulafia accounting firm, Bank Pagi, and others

"The opening of the Hub Etzion is tremendously important to the development of business and technology in Gush Etzion," said an olah who now lives in central Tel Aviv and came for the event

Special guest and speaker was James Shane, an investor and philanthropist from Boston, who most notably donates to Hillel International. After seeing the beautiful office spaces, some already filled, he concluded his remarks, with :"Am Yisrael Chai" to cheers from the crowd of friends, family and well-wishers.