Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 17, 2016 - The Rebecca Crown Auditorium of the Jerusalem Theater was filled to capacity on Monday night. The talented women and girls from the Gush Etzion, Raise Your Spirits Theater (RYS) performed, Sisters: The Daughters of Tzelofchad. to an all female audience.

Founded as the Raise Your Spirits Summer Stock Company in 2001, to improve morale during the difficult times of Intifada, RYS has grown each year, with new and talented members and productions. This is the sixth year RYS has come to the Jerusalem and the fourth year at the Jerusalem Theater. RYS has performed SISTERS in the Gush Community Center and has two more upcoming performances scheduled.

Former Baltimorian, Deborah Abelow is in her fifth RYS performance and is one of the mother-daughter-granddaughter performers. Along with her daughter, Elana Kronenberg, on stage are granddaughters Maayan and Adina. 

Also with three generations of the same family, is Shira Daniel, her daughter Bracha and granddaughter Moriah. Good voices must run in the Daniel family, Shira told BJL, nephew Zevi Daniel sings the national anthem at baseball games in Baltimore.

Mother-daughter families include, Rachel Moore, with Michal and Shira; and Amy Shuter, with Eliana and Miri.

Among the over 60 members involved in the complex production, with Baltimore connections are Karen Eisenberg, Aviva Karpel, and Sandra Orman,

The text of this musical was based on Chumash, Shemos and Bamidar especially, Chapters 26, 27 and 36. In the Jerusalem audience were inspirational Torah teachers, Bryna Levy and Avivah Zornberg.

Story Adaptation and Lyrics by Toby Klein Greenwald

Music and Arrangements by Mitch Clyman