Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked spoke to Arutz Sheva–Israel National News on the current war, UNRWA, the amazing IDF soldiers, and her solution to dealing with Israel’s enemy on the northern border.

On the humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza and the problematic manner of delivery of this aid, former Minister Shaked said “this process involves several problems. First is how it's being dealt with, because in reality it is supposed to be going to the Gazans, but it is going to Hamas, because of UNRWA and also because there is no one there that will do it instead of the Hamas. UNRWA is an organization that is based on Palestinians from Gaza. Most of its employees support Hamas. They support the Hamas. They are the Hamas. UNRWA employees were part of the massacre, part of the October 7th massacre and the IDF found lots of rockets, guns and other arms in the UNRWA facility. So now we have the opportunity to close this organization and to find other ways to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza. For example, we can send humanitarian aid to specific areas where people are being evacuated and the IDF will take care of that and not the Hamas.”

Shaked stated that this “would be a message not only to the Israeli government but also to the world. I think that the countries that support UNRWA should stop doing this and the government of Israel needs to push them to stop doing it. I think that the government of Israel needs to ask the US Administration to ask the President to put sanctions on UNRWA workers, as this is the way to close this organization. The whole idea of UNRWA these days is a distorted idea and this is why we should do everything we can in order to close it. We have an historical opportunity right now.”

Shaked explained that “in the previous years and I assume that in the future, we will not have this opportunity again. Since the only thing that UNRWA is based on is the 'Right of Return', to eliminate Israel and establish a Palestinian state here instead of the Jewish State. You know that UNRWA gives a refugee status that transfers from one generation to another. There is no such case like this in the world.”... Read More: Arutz-7