Baltimore, MD - October 18, 2017- STAR-K proudly welcomes back Accents and Cocoaccinos (and welcomes the more recently opened Serengeti restaurant) to the STAR-K family, as of November 1. These three Greenspring Shopping Center eateries have been under OU certification over the past several years, however, due to the community’s desire, owners Larry and Lara Franks have decided to resume STAR-K certification. Accents and Serengeti offer glatt kosher cuisine; Cocoaccinos offers a 100% cholov Yisroel menu.

"We are delighted to rejoin the STAR-K family,” says owner Lara Franks.  It is something our customers have been requesting for a while, so that their entire families can come together b'simcha and enjoy great meals together in our establishments."