The International Court of Justice today delivered its ruling on the Israeli operation in Rafah, ordering that Israel cease all military operations in the Rafah governate. The case comes as part of a larger petition filed by South Africa against Israel, accusing Israel of genocide of the Palestinian people. Other countries have filed requests to join the case as co-claimants for both sides.

The original case was heard approximately four months ago, with a temporary verdict providing certain interim measures against Israel announced a month after that.

The court called the humanitarian situation in Rafah "disastrous", citing an alleged lack of basic necessities in the city and widespread displacement due to Israeli evacuation orders. It also declared that Israel's humanitarian evacuation and supply efforts have been insufficient to satisfy the existing provisional ruling.

The court ordered that Israel submit a report within a month showing its compliance. Israel was also ordered to comply with investigations into allegations of genocide, and to maintain functional humanitarian routes into Gaza, with emphasis on the Rafah crossing.... Read More: Arutz-7