New York, NY - May 10, 2024  - Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations addressed the UN General Assembly before it voted to adopt a resolution granting the Palestinian Authority the powers and rights of a UN member state.

"Today, another travesty is being committed here by the General Assembly. An unforgivable act: the destruction of the United Nations Charter. The UN Charter, the 'sacred' document that serves as the foundation of everything we are supposed to do here, is being trampled upon. It is being thrown out the window. You are spitting on the very values that were formulated to bind this organization!" Erdan stated.

"With today’s destructive resolution, you are circumventing the Security Council, ignoring its decision, and violating the norms this organization has abided by. The Charter was drafted for a reason, but most of you care nothing for the qualifications it outlines," he continued.

The Ambassador explained: Let me remind you what the Charter says about admitting new UN members:... Read More: Arutz-7