A senior Biden Administration official blamed Yahya Sinwar, the leader of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, for the failure to reach and agreement to free the hostages Hamas has held in Gaza for more than 200 days since the massacre of October 7.

"It’s really down to one guy to accept the deal," the official told reporters, referring to Sinwar.

"Now if there are adjustments here and there that need to be made, of course we’re very much open to that and we would support that because we want to bring these people home,” the official said.

“There is a deal on the table that would bring a ceasefire immediately to Gaza, simply with the release of women, wounded, elderly and sick hostages, that is ready to go. And we have worked it out in meticulous detail, and Hamas has rejected that. And because of that, we still have fighting ongoing in Gaza,” he said.... Read More: Arutz-7