The Australian government said Tuesday it will prohibit doxxing, the malicious and non-consensual release online of an individual's personal or identifying information, after pro-Palestinian activists published personal details of hundreds of Jewish people in the country.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, who is Jewish, said the proposed laws would involve issuing take-down notices to social media platforms and imposing fines.

The government's proposal comes in response to news reports last week revealing that pro-Palestinian activists had published the names, images, professions and social media accounts of Jewish people working in academia and the creative industries.

Pro-Palestinian activists distributed a nearly 900-page transcript leaked from a private WhatsApp group created last year by Jewish writers, artists, musicians and academics, Nine Entertainment reported. The transcript was accompanied by a spreadsheet of the names and other personal details of almost 600 people who are allegedly members of the group.... Read More: FOX News