Yehuda Morgenstern, the Director General of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, expressed optimism about the revitalization of Israel's real estate sector during the Israel Construction Center conference. 

Speaking at the event, Morgenstern highlighted plans for the influx of foreign workers into the country, aiming to address labor shortages and boost construction projects.

Morgenstern revealed that approximately 47 foreign workers were due to arrive in Israel imminently, with expectations of further arrivals from India in the near future. He emphasized the importance of foreign workers in meeting immediate labor needs, contrasting them with the longer wait required for Palestinian workers.

"If we want workers here and now, we need the Palestinians. If we want workers for the next few weeks, we have to wait for foreigners from other places," Morgenstern explained. He outlined ambitious goals to bring in an additional 20,000 foreign workers within the next six weeks, underscoring ongoing efforts to achieve this target.... Read More: i24