Hamas is in complete shock following the dramatic rescue operation in Rafah, in which hostages Fernando Marman and Luis Har were freed from captivity. In the statement published by Hamas on Monday, there is no mention of the rescue of the hostages, only the losses on the Palestinian side.

"The Nazi occupation army's attack on the city of Rafah last night, and its horrific massacres against defenseless civilians and helpless children, women, and elderly who have so far lost their lives over a hundred times, is considered a continuation of the people's genocide and forced displacement attempts... being carried out against our Palestinian people," Hamas wrote in a statement. 

It also stated, "The American government and President Biden bear full responsibility for this massacre, due to the green light they gave to Netanyahu yesterday and the explicit support they provide him with money, weapons, and political cover for the continuation of the people's genocide and massacre.

"The Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the United Nations Security Council have called for urgent and serious action to stop the Zionist aggression and the ongoing crimes of genocide against defenseless civilians in the Gaza Strip," Hamas stated.... Read More: JPost