As part of operations in western Khan Yunis, the Givati Brigade conducted a targeted raid on the "Al-Qadsia" compound, which serves as the main base of the Khan Yunis Brigade.

The office of Mohammad Sinwar - the brother of Yahya Sinwar - was located at the compound. When entering the area, the forces identified that the compound was booby-trapped by Hamas terrorists with many explosives, including those buried inside the walls, which were neutralized by engineering forces.

In addition, many terrorists entrenched near the position opened fire on the soldiers. The terrorists were neutralized by sniper fire, tank fire, and the Israeli Air Force.

The "Al-Qadsia" compound served as a training facility for Hamas to train terrorists to carry out the October 7th massacre. The compound contained significant training areas, some of which had models simulating entrance gates of Israeli kibbutzim, military bases, and IDF armored vehicles. The soldiers also breached the central war room of the Khan Yunis Brigade and the offices of its senior officers. Additionally, the base contained rocket storage facilities and tunnel shafts leading to underground tunnel routes used by the Hamas terrorist organization.... Read More: Arutz-7