The Houthi rebel faction in Yemen has released a new video showing its preparations for an assault on an Israeli town.

A large force is seen approaching the town on foot and neutralizing perimeter cameras with long-range gunfire.

RPGs are used to destroy the town's security vehicles and breach the perimeter fence. The attacking force advances into the town under the cover of machine-gun fire, engaging and eliminating enemies as they go.

The force then splits into groups of two and three, with each having been assigned a different building in the town to enter and search.

The attacking force is shown locating and subduing the town's command center operator, as well as restraining IDF soldiers in the town and searching them for weapons and identification.

A group of fighting vehicles arrives to extract the attacking force and their prisoners. Shortly after they depart, the town is demolished with explosives planted during the attack... Read More: Arutz-7