Baltimore, MD - Jan. 25, 2022  - Ever since one of our community's newest Kosher eateries, Quarry Lake Playa Bowls, opened a few months ago, many customers have been asking the same question:

"Which bracha should I make on each bowl?"  

The various combinations possible and different ingredients in each of the store's offerings have led to multiple calls to community rabbonim asking different variations of this same question.  

When Rabbi Duvi Rubin of Kehillas Ohr Yisrael of Baltimore was approached by the owners of the store to help develop a guide to the brachos on all menu items, he quickly agreed.  

According to Rabbi Rubin, "Hilchos Brachos is an area in halacha which every Jew needs to be fluent in. The food industry, along with everyday home cooking, has become much more sophisticated over the years and has created and continues to create new challenges for the Jewish consumer in terms of brachos." Over the past few years, Rabbi Rubin has invested much effort in promoting awareness of brachos, becoming the Maggid Shiur of the new online learning program called The Bracha Institute.

"When I was first approached by the owners of Playa Bowls, I realized that although ascertaining the correct brachos for each bowl and conveying that information to the consumer in an articulate manner may be an arduous task, there was actually a wonderful opportunity here to educate the masses about a number of fundamental halachos in hilchos brachos. I have no doubt that this establishment will raise much needed awareness in this complex area of halacha and stimulate good conversation about this topic at our kitchen and Shabbos tables." 

Rabbi Rubin concluded that "Although we've worked tirelessly on compiling this guide to the best of our abilities, I encourage every individual to consult their own rabbinic counsel, as there are differing opinions in this area of halacha."

The brachos guide can be accessed by clicking here or on the image below.