Israel's ambassador to the United States and the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, responded on Monday to the interview given by the founders of Ben & Jerry’s to the Axios website, in which they insisted that the decision to stop selling Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Judea and Samaria does not constitute a boycott of Israel.

"The ignorance and hypocrisy of Ben and his partner Jerry are outrageous. Part of the definition of anti-Semitism is precisely to demand from Israel what is not demanded of any other entity in the world, and Misters Ben and Jerry have no problem with their ice cream being sold to supporters of terrorism, and yet they are boycotting Israel," he said.

Ambassador Erdan vowed, "So I will continue to work so that as many states as possible include Ben & Jerry's and Unilever on their blacklist until this despicable boycott is stopped."

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s who sold their company to Unilever in 2000, told Axios in Sunday’s interview that that the states which decided to divest from Ben & Jerry’s based their decisions on “misinformation” that “Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever are being characterized as boycotting Israel — which is not the case at all. It’s not boycotting Israel in any way.”... Read More: Arutz-7