Border Police forces raided a factory in the town of Ar'ara, on suspicion that it illegally imported meat from Judea and Samaria, forged documents, and sold the meat to well-known stores around the country.

During the raid, the forces confiscated ten tons of various types of beef and sheep meat which had been smuggled in from areas under Palestinian Authority control and which were unfit for consumption.

The products also bore forged kashrut certificates which seemed to be from one of the well-known rabbinical courts in Israel.

In addition, Tax Authority supervisors collected material from the factory showing that many of its receipts were irregular, and collected footage of the monies.

The meat was confiscated and destroyed by the Agriculture Ministry. There is an ongoing investigation of several of the suspects by the various enforcement agencies.

Initial information on the case was received by the Border Police, and it led to a joint operation by Border Police officers and the Agriculture Ministry, Tax Authority, Green Police, and Labor Ministry.

"The Border Police has intelligence units, which operate in the field of agriculture around the country," a police statement read. "The intelligence activities expose crimes on a national level, which lead to operational activities together with the various enforcement agencies. We will continue to use all of the means and abilities available to us in order to safeguard the public's welfare and health." Read more at Arutz-7