Lazer, a longtime employee of Focus Camera phoned me shortly after the Z’man Motzei Shabbos to inform me with the tragic news-his father has passed on. I immediately sprang into action, knowing that the task ahead is a tough one for Lazer and his brother to orchestrate.

We instantly made airline arrangements to bring the body to New York, where a plot had been bought in Staten Island. The body landed in New York at 3am where Chevra Kadisha awaited.

Now, we needed to arrange a Minyan to give the Mes its final Koved. I posted a message on the company’s WhatsApp group for employees to volunteer to participate in this wonderful Zchus. Boruch Hashem, we saw a great turn out.

But then I asked; what else can I do for my beloved friend, who works for us so long? I called the well- known Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Wolllner from Nesivas Hatalmud of Staten Island, knowing that the Yeshiva is only a short drive away from the cemetery. Rabbi Wollner eagerly responded; “A Mitzvah like this is a rare one, L’tovos the Chinuch of the children.” This simple phone call turned into an experience which I’m sure will be etched in me for a long time. An hour after the call has been made a busload of enthusiastic Yeshiva Bochurim arrived to take part in this tremendous Zchus of Mes Mitzvah. They participated in helping in all aspects of the Levaya and then returned back to the busses so as not to be Bital Torah.

A modest Levaya with a minimum Minyan turned into a major event portraying true Ahavas Yisroel, so many Yidden so willingly and speedily came together to be a part of a Chesed Shel Emes; Mi K’amecha YIsroel!