The Noverminsker Rebbe addressed the Baltimore Contingent to The Agudah Convention. In answering a question about the proper approach to חינוך הבנים, and recent increase in "children at risk", the Rebbe shared a powerful idea on the passuk:

תחת אשר לא עבדת את ה׳ אלוקיך בשמחה וטוב לבב

It is imperative to look "under the surface" to determine what is troubling our children. Not to accept that the child may lack motivation as a given, but to get the underlying issue., and thereby give the support that the child needs

Photo Credit: B. Ansbacher Photography

(L-R) Rabbi Ariel Sadwin, Director, Commission on Legislation and Civic Action, Agudath Israel of Maryland - Mid-Atlantic Region, Novominsker Rebbe, shlita