In a move towards students remaining healthier and avoiding obesity, the Ministry of Education is banning the sale of sugary beverages and foods in schools. The ban includes foods that are high fat.

Students in schools and kindergartens will see whole wheat sandwiches such as tuna, avocado and low-fat cheeses. Of course there will be fresh vegetables and fruit and salads, plain yogurts and tofu, as well as pasta and sauce not to exceed 9% fat.

On the prohibited list are many favorites including burekas, chocolate, candies, deli, pastries, hotdogs, malawach and jachnun.

There are proteins too, including chicken and turkey breast and sides might include brown rise and couscous and possibly vegetables. For the approximately 200,000 students, many from low-income families, who receive the school lunches, the new regulations will make a noticeable difference in their meals next school year.

The ministry also recommends celebrating multiple birthdays in the class simultaneously to limit the amount of cake and sweets consumed by children.