In response to the most 'Frequently Asked Questions' we have received about the kosher status of FRESKO airline meals, we have prepared the following summary to aid the kosher traveler. Please note that the information below applies only to FRESKO meals served on United Airlines flights.

CERTIFICATION: All FRESKO United Airlines meals are dually certified by STAR-K and by Tartikov Kashrus - Rabbi Yechiel Babad.

YOSHON: Yoshon status is noted on the ingredient panel. See sample label below.

Note that labels may change at any time and so it is important to check the label on every meal you receive. In general, do not assume airline meals worldwide are yoshon, so be sure to always inquire. Flights leaving Eretz Yisrael (with reliably certified meals) are always yoshon.

GLATT: All meat and chicken is Glatt, chassidishe shechita.

PAS YISROEL: All sealed packaged breads and cakes are Pas Yisrael.

LEAFY VEGETABLES & QUINOA: These are always checked for tolaim.

ROLLS: The liquid in these rolls is primarily apple juice. Regardless, STAR-K views these rolls as Hamotzi.