Dear Parents of Yeshiva Darchei Torah and All Caring Yidden,

Look at the headline above; it appears on the cover one of our local Jewish newspapers today.

Dramatic, isn't it?

But it's real.

I am not a person who believes in drama and hyperbole where it is not warranted. But Klal Yisroel in the State of New York is in serious and imminent danger.

This is about a real and looming crisis facing every single yeshiva, Bais Yaakov and day school family in our state. 

We sent out emails earlier in the summer about this, and many of you followed the prompts to make your voice heard in Albany. We thank you. Many of you did not. The deadline to submit comments on the NYS Education Department guidelines is Labor Day, Sept. 2 - just over a week away.

I urge you - I beseech you - stop whatever you are doing and make your voice heard, right now!  This cannot wait.

Whether you are a yeshiva parent or not--

Whether you live in New York State or not--

Please submit the petition

It's easy.

The repercussions of a negative ruling from Albany will, chas v'shalom, not be easy.

We rely, as always, on Hashem for our ultimate salvation in every crisis. But we dare not sit on our laurels. Inaction is not an optionin this case.

Please, make sure that you and your spouse's voices are heard, and then forward this email to all of your relatives, close and distant, and urge them to make their voices heard as well.

The time is now.


Rabbi Yaakov Bender