Here are some questions we need to ask ourselves: What does HaKadosh Baruch Hu want from us? What purpose is there in sharing all the painful details?

Is sharing sensationalist news in line with our heilige values?  Does the desire to be the first one to share it come from a good place? 

Yes, details have not been shared. Is that a problem?  Should a grieving family and community also lose their right to privacy and dignity,  just because klal yisrael is curious? Will knowing more details make you daven harder? Will you donate more because you heard something juicy?

What is driving this?  Where is it coming from?

Is this a part of Western culture that we can adopt or a part of the culture that we say isn't for frum Yidden?

Do you have the strength to hold back from sharing something because it might cause pain to another Yid? 

I had the zchus to know Rabbi Bauman. He was not a gossip.  He was always concerned about others feelings.  He was careful that his words wouldn't hurt anyone.  Ever. In any form.