Mrs. Miriam Leah Schwartz is continuing the shiva for her brother Rabbi Reuven Baumna, Z'L, as follows:

➡ Spring Valley:
On Thursday, Friday, and Motzei Shabbos Mrs. Schwartz will sit Shiva with other family members at 183 McNamara Road, Spring Valley, NY, 10977.
Urgent request: If someone who is planning to be menachem avel would drive the Schwartzes minivan to Monsey they would greatly appreciate it. Please contact Sarala at (845) 519-9279
➡ Baltimore:
On Sunday Mrs. Schwartz will be accepting nichumim in at 3400 Taney Rd, Baltimore, MD
Visiting Hours in Baltimore will be 4-8pm.

Mrs. Schwartz can be reached at 410-935-9959.