Jerusalem - Israel’s prime minister has responded to the European Union’s efforts to salvage the Iran nuclear deal by comparing it to “European appeasement in the 1930s” of Nazi Germany.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement Monday came as European leaders are looking to deescalate tension in the Persian Gulf region. They’re calling on Iran to stick to the 2015 nuclear deal despite the pullout by the United States and its re-imposition of harsh economic sanctions.

Netanyahu charges that some leaders “won’t wake up until Iranian nuclear missiles fall on Europe.”

The prime minister has been an outspoken critic of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, and has accused Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran denies those accusations, insisting its nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes.

Netanyahu says Israel will do “whatever it takes” to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Israel is widely believed to have a nuclear arsenal, which it neither confirms nor denies.