Nov. 28, 2021 - We are again pleased to repost the following at the request of our readers:

Baltimore, MD - Dec. 8, 2014 - Maccabee Aish ( reminds you to be safe this Chanukah and follow these safety tips:

Menorah Safety

  • Never leave Chanukah candles unattended and never go to sleep while Chanukah candles are burning
  • Place the Menorah on a sturdy heat resistant surface away from anything that can catch fire including walls, curtains, cabinets, wooden and plastic tables, tablecloths, etc
  • Light candles out of childrens reach and where they cannot be knocked over
  • Keep surfaces and surrounding areas clear from burned matches, wick trimmings, oil residue, and other debris
  • Do not light “school project” Menorahs made from materials that can burn (wood, plastic, paper etc)

When Cooking Latkes

  • Keep small children away from hot oil and cooking areas
  • Keep pot handles turned inward and away from the edge of the stove
  • Keep hands, hair and sleeves away from open flame
  • Use extra caution when carrying hot food around children
  • Designate ovens, stoves, and heat containing appliances as a “NO GO ZONE” for children
  • Never put water on a grease fire, use a fire extinguisher and call the Fire Dept emergency number
  • Treat burns immediately by cooling with cool water and call your emergency number

Always Remember  

  • Supervise children at all times, especially around lit candles, flames, and hot appliances
  • Have working smoke detectors
  • Have a working fire extinguisher
  • Keep hands, hair and sleeves away from open flame
  • Have/ and practice a family fire emergency escape plan with a designated family meeting area outside of house
  • Proper fire safety planning and prevention can help keep you and your family safe.

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