It was one of the most inspiring days of my life. I, along with 90,000 (and counting!) Jewish people, partook in celebrating the completion of 2711 blatt of Talmud Bavli at the historic 13th Siyum Hashas on January 1, 2020 at MetLife Stadium. Yes, I studied in yeshivos. Yes, I learned from amazing Rebbeim and teachers. And yes, I was raised in a wonderful Jewish home, Baruch Hashem.

But there was something unique, something different, about this wondrous and epic experience of celebrating the Torah with almost 100,000 yidden. It was there, on that freezing cold winter day, when I truly felt the warmth and fire of Torah, and when I finally understood ki hem chayeinu - the Torah is our life; I finally met life itself. For one day, this NFL stadium served not as the home of the New York Giants and Jets; rather, it served as the home, the starter home if you will, for so many Jewish people to appreciate the fundamental chashivus of Torah and begin their own journey of Torah study.

There was so much to be inspired from, whether it was the passionate speeches by gedolei yisroel, to the thundering roar of “Amen Yehei Shmei Rabbah” by mincha, to the dancing of tens of thousands of yidden together by the Hadran. But what was most inspiring to me from the entire Siyum Hashas event was the jumbotron. Well, not the actual jumbotron, but something on top of the jumbotron.

I still remember, right above the jumbotron at the Siyum Hashas – which displayed everything that was transpiring – was a large advertisement of the Verizon logo. Verizon is one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States.

More than anything else at the Siyum Hashas, it was perhaps the Verizon logo advertisement which inspired me the most, as it taught me: “Ori, this is an incredibly exciting event, perhaps one of the biggest inspirational moments of your life. You feel connected right now. At this moment, you are wired to spiritual energy. But, this moment will end soon. However, know this. The Torah is meant to come with you, wherever you go. It’s time to go wireless. As a Jew, your job is to stay connected to Torah, always. It’s your duty to carry Hashem’s service wherever it is you are.”

I understood that the grand experience of the Siyum Hashas would merely remain a mere moment in time.

For me, the goal of the Siyum Hashas was not to be inspired to finish Shas myself, nor was the goal to think that the everyday Torah that I learn would be as exciting and glamorous as the Siyum Hashas. Rather, the goal was to take whatever inspiration I can from the big event and channel it, personalize it, and make it impactful on my life in a real way. The goal was, like Verizon, to so-to-speak go wireless and still stay connected and in service to Hashem and His Torah, always.

The Nazir is the quintessential example of a person that sees something and takes immediate practical action in his life. The Nazir sets an example for us that when we see and experience inspiration, we are meant to place some of it in a jar and take it with us.

Immediately after Matan Torah, there is no better takeaway message than this. Be like the Nazir, and bottle up some of the inspiration from the grand experience of Kabbalas HaTorah. Take that wonderful experience and do something practical, tangible.

It’s time to go wireless but still stay in constant Divine service!

Have a holy Shabbos!