Baltimore, MD - May 13, 2024  - On Monday Unified Command used precision cutting to clear the wreckage on top of the Dali.

Following the controlled demolition, crews are working to survey the debris that surrounds the Dali. From there, they will be able to remove the remaining steel and work toward refloating the ship, ultimately removing it from the channel.

Officials with the Key Bridge Unified Command said the controlled demolition went as expected.

"That will allow us now, over the next 48-hours safely move the vessel Dali inside the Port, from the Federal Channel, and it will also allow us to take out the remaining wreckage, steel truss and concrete pavement at the bottom of the river, get that out of the way, so we can meet our commitment at the end of this month to fully open this navigation channel," said Lt. Gen. Scott A. Spellmon, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.... Read More: FOX45