Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 21, 2024  - When your child, grandchild, husband, sister, brother, or any loved one is in harm’s way your entire being is laced with anxiety. Noah and Ellen Lightman arrived in Israel last week to spend Pesach with their daughter Tammy and family. They knew not when they might see their grandson Netanel because he is serving in Tzanchanim Division of the IDF.

The day after they arrived there was a knock at the door. Netanel!!

Last minute, he was allowed off duty for a few days. After getting over the shock and awe of seeing him, a feeling of relief and freedom from anxiety overcame them, if but for a few days. May Hashem grant this freedom to all who have loved ones who are risking their lives daily for Am Yisrael and to the beleaguered families of the hostages who have been burdened with overwhelming anxiety for the past six months.