Jeruslalem, Israel - Apr. 2, 2024  - Middle East expert, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, spoke to Israel National News – Arutz Sheva, on Israel and the Arab world.

Dr. Kedar, “The Arab world is watching us closely and they notice the demonstrations immediately. As a matter of fact, they actually broadcast the demonstration on a live broadcast on Saturday night. They quoted the Israeli channel and showed it live, in order to show their viewers how Israel is sinking again into the chaos, which will actually defeat the Israelis against themselves.”

Before the war Nasrallah spoke about how he's uplifted and encouraged by the protest that he saw in Israel. Dr. Kedar believes that the Arabs, “Are more than sure that the Israelis will finish each other by these demonstrations, by the fact that people want things that are against the law, like elections. Why should there be elections now, just because somebody doesn't like somebody? So, they actually see the chaos here in Israel, and those people couldn't care less about the chaos, as long as they keep their grip over the Israeli society, through the Supreme Court, through the other devices which they still own, although they fell in the elections, time and again.”

Many people believe that the hostages’ families, who took to the streets are holding the protests for the benefit of the hostages, but Dr. Kedar states that, “It's wrong, because about six or eight families took part in the protests on Saturday night, from 134 families. This means that only a handful of families support this demonstration. Most of the families understand that the more they stream to the streets, the more the chaos which they put in the streets, the higher is the price which Israel is demanded to pay for those hostages. Unfortunately, what they do is actually raising their price to heights which Israel cannot meet. This is unfortunate. They have good intentions, no doubt, but as you know the way to hell is full of good intentions.”... Read More: Arutz-7