Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 2, 2024  - After learning at Aish, Yoshi Rosenbluth was inspired to fight for the Jewish people.

Yoshi grew up in a modern-orthodox community but felt that he was missing some of the foundational elements and was left with many questions that launched his search for meaning. He moved with his family from Baltimore, MD to Israel when he was 15, but then back to the U.S. after completing his mandatory military service. “I got stuck in the United States for over a year when Covid-19 hit and I was searching for answers to some very fundamental questions about faith. I realized that I had some catching up to do. I was acting Jewish, but I wasn’t understanding a lot of it, so I made a conscious choice to explore it on a deeper level," Rosenbluth explained.

“I began listening to podcasts on Jewish History from Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe and I devoured everything I could, but I still had too many questions. I was delving into questions about G-d and free will as these issues were causing me a struggle of faith that I couldn’t get past. A lot of people told me to turn to Aish to find some answers,” he said.

When Rosenbluth was allowed to travel, he came to Jerusalem and enrolled in the Aish Foundations program. Typically, Aish's Foundations program is geared towards Jews from unaffiliated backgrounds, but Rosenbluth wasn't a typical student. "I needed to do some catching up," he said. “I immersed myself in the studies, attending lectures in the Foundations program and hearing from master educators like Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits. These lectures opened my eyes to how much I still didn’t know but made me feel that it was okay to ask and to struggle with questions, even if I didn’t have all the answers.”... Read More: AISH