Baltimore, MD - Mar. 1, 2024 - As part of their Mitzvah Week trip through Jewish Baltimore, this week, Beth Tfiloh’s sixth grade girls took a field trip to the STAR-K offices to learn about Kosher and kosher certification. STAR-K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Baruch Beyer hosted the 23 girls and their teachers. They enjoyed noshing on STAR-K certified Barcelona nuts as they watched a video about how this local product is processed and the kosher challenges of such a production. The presentation led to a lively discussion about Kosher and the role STAR-K plays in ensuring that kosher food is available locally and worldwide.

The girls also watched a short video in which the head of STAR-K, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, discusses the requirement for a Mesorah, or tradition, in determining which breeds of chickens and other birds are considered kosher.

“We discussed how Mesorah plays a central role in our Jewish lives, not just Kosher, and how Rabbi Heinemann has traditions from his great teachers – and, how all of us are links in the continuance of Jewish tradition,” shares Rabbi Beyer, who was very impressed with the girls, “I found the girls well-behaved, polite, attentive, and engaged. A real credit to their parents, teachers, and school.”

A couple of the girls’ reactions corroborate how engaged they were.

Gabby G. remarked, “STAR-K makes sure food companies are 100% kosher. I thought that was really cool, and especially the process they go through to label something kosher.  Ahuva B. mentioned, “I had fun and learned a lot.  The Rabbi explained it very well. I will now always look at STAR-K differently.” 

Beth Tfiloh’s coordinator of the trip, Mrs. Chanie Steinharter, concluded, “I would like to thank Rabbi Beyer and STAR-K for the amazing presentation and educating the girls in Kashrus.”