The US government has launched an unprecedented investigation into a company that produces parts for Israel's life-saving Iron Dome missile defense system, Maariv reported Wednesday morning.

According to the report, Finkelstein Metals is accused of receiving prohibited government subsidies and selling products in the US at inflated prices.

Israeli officials are alarmed at the move by the US government and noted that Finkelstein Metals has only a 3% market share in the US and does 75% of its business there. They have also accused the US of violating the trade agreement between Israel and the US with this investigation.

Sanctions have already been imposed on Finkelstein Metals in a move that could affect supplies for Israel's defense industries, in particular the Iron Dome batteries. Finkelstein Metals is the only supplier of the metal bars Rafael uses to produce ammunition for the Iron Dome batteries. It is also the only Israeli company that produces brass, bronze, and copper alloy products... Read More: Arutz-7