Dozens of Hamas terrorists lost contact with the terror group's leadership, leaving them with no option but to lay down their weapons and surrender to Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, Army Radio reported on Sunday morning.

After images of stripped terrorists in Jabalya and Khan Yunis circulated on social media, reports emerged that the IDF is "identifying changes in Hamas leadership's conduct."

A security source told Army Radio that Hamas's senior leaders, thought to have fled to Khan Yunis in Gaza's south, "prefer their personal survival over the survival of Hamas's command and control operations."

Hamas battalions 'capitulated' in Gaza fighting, US-based institute says

Earlier on Sunday, the US-based Institute for the Study of War assessed in an X thread that at least seven Hamas battalions have already capitulated in fighting with the IDF.

In addition, six battalions are "close to collapse," the Institute continued. According to the Insitute, the collapse of Hamas's Gaza City and northern brigades could signal the fall of the northern Strip to Israeli forces.

On Friday, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told IDF soldiers that he "sees the signs indicating a breakdown is beginning inside Gaza."