Baltimore, MD - Dec. 7, 2023  - With the war in Israel-Gaza already two months old, our thoughts and our prayers continue to be with our brothers and sisters in ארץ ישראל - especially those risking their lives fighting in Gaza and defending the northern border. It is incumbent upon all of us in חוץ לארץ to continue our efforts by effectively voicing our positions to our representatives in Congress.

We must continue to counter the throngs of anti-Israel callers with our own clear and resolute message of support for Israel at this most crucial time. As the federal aid package for Israel has become entangled in DC politics, it is important for us to urge our representatives to expedite its passing. The shocking increase in blatant anti-Semitism here in the US must be condemned and addressed as necessary. And we must continue to demand the safe return of the remaining hostages held captive in Gaza by vile terrorists.

Every person should pick up the phone and call their elected officials several times a week, or even every day. It takes only a few minutes, but it is crucial.

Who should I be calling? 

Senator Ben Cardin - (202) 224-4524

Senator Chris Van Hollen - (202) 224-4654

Baltimore County Residents: Representative Dutch Ruppersberger – (202) 225-3061

Baltimore City Residents: Representative Kweisi Mfume – (202) 225-4741

Silver Spring Residents: Representative Jamie Raskin – (202) 225-5341 

NOTE: There are a limited number of addresses that don’t follow the strict city/county congressional lines. If you are unsure, please click here to find your congressman. 

Sample Script for your call:

 “Hello, my name is ______ and I live in ____. As a constituent, I am calling to ask for Senator/Representative__________'s continued support of Israel for as long as it takes to eliminate Hamas and its allies. I’d like to ask Mr. ___ to make sure the Israel aid package does not get tied up in partisan politics and gets passed as soon as possible. I’d like to ask that he fight antisemitism on college campuses and elsewhere here in the US. And finally I ask Mr. ___ to advocate for the unconditional release of the  Israeli hostages. Thank you.” 

You may be asked to provide your street address and/or email address.

In addition to your phone call, we are providing options for you to also send your representatives an email seeking their strong support of Israel. Click here to send a pre-written email (or customize it to your liking) urging your Congressional representatives to stand with Israel.

You may also wish to take action via the KnowUs™ petition campaign.