2 women and 1 man were murdered in the attack on Thursday morning near the entrance to Jerusalem

Rabbi Elimelech Vaserman, 73, was murdered by 2 terrorists on Thursday morning in a shooting attack on a bus stop.

Religious Affairs Minister Michael Malchieli said Rav Vaserman had served as a judge in the Rabbinical Court of Ashdod, calling him one of the most important and senior judges in the rabbinical court system.

Hanna Ifargan, 60, was the second victim to be identified. She was the director of Beit Yaakov Bnos Hadassah, a religious day school for girls in Beit Shemesh. Libia Dikman, 24, a resident of Har Nof, and  wife of Meir, an avreich in the Mir, and expecting her first child, was confirmed dead at the scene of the attack.... Read More: i24