Kosher Food Delivery Services

Consumers should note that when using a delivery service to deliver kosher food from a STAR-K or STAR-D certified establishment – whether through the establishment's delivery driver or through a third party (e.g., Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates) – they should carefully check that the delivered food has kosher seals that:

  • bear the STAR-K or STAR-D logo
  • are intact and show no signs of tampering

Stores are required to affix approved kosher seals on all delivery orders.

Consumers must reject an order whenever the kosher seal is missing or broken.


Neither the STAR-K establishment nor STAR-K has any control over third-party services. The delivery service reserves the right to use another location within the same chain to fulfill the delivery order.

Thus, for example, an order from one of the two kosher Dunkin' stores in Pikesville (located at 7002-A and 1508 Reisterstown Road) could actually be fulfilled from the non-kosher Dunkin' nearby, which sells bacon and other non-kosher items. Orders from the certified Dunkin' store will bear a seal with the kosher logo and the store's address.


Please refer to the article, "Delivery and Ride Apps" on the STAR-K site about the halachos involved in using food delivery services.