Baltimore, MD - Apr. 2, 2023 - Free Entry for Mitzva Motivators and all Members of the 5 or more club and Mitzva Mo sponsors
No Charge
Open until 7:00pm
Details and reservation info  below

Baltimore, MD - Mar. 28, 2023 - After being dormant for the pandemic (remember Covid??), O'Fishel's Mitzvah Motivators is happy to announce that the pined All-The-Brachos-You-Care-To-Make buffet will be open in a double shift: first for our Mitzvah Motivators who not only made brachos but had people answer amen and carefully documented them, and second for our new Mitzvah Motivators MDY R' Eli Stefansky recruiting program. Don't be a shoteh, start Maseches Sota!
This Buffet is also open to anyone who had their wedding catered by O'Fishel and won 3 rounds of Jeopardy!