Arutz-7: The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly expect that Operation Break the Wave, which was launched in response to a series of deadly terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians in March 2022, will persist for some time to come, according to Israel Hayom. The report states that while the IDF has achieved substantial success, including the elimination of the terrorist organization Lions Den, other groups have emerged to continue perpetrating attacks. Despite objections from the Palestinian Authority, the IDF is continuing its counterterrorism efforts, with 35 Palestinians killed in combat with the IDF in January, 95% of whom were terrorists. This rate could result in more fatalities in 2023 than the previous year, which saw the highest number of Arab deaths since the second intifada. The IDF currently has no plans to expand the operation, but may be forced to do so if further terrorist attacks occur. The IDF is also monitoring attempts by terrorists to carry out attacks within Israeli cities, which requires advanced intelligence and capabilities to prevent. The Hamas and Islamic Jihad are fueling the violence by inciting online and offering financial incentives for attacks. The IDF has focused on Jenin and Shechem (Nablus), and has worked to upgrade the security fence. Despite the recent confiscation of 1,000 firearms, the region remains rife with illegal weapons, and the IDF is concerned about the involvement of some Palestinian Authority security personnel in terrorist attacks.