Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the start of the Security Cabinet meeting this evening (Saturday, 28 January 2023):

"On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I would like to send my deepest condolences to the families of those who were murdered in this awful and despicable terrorist attack in our capital Jerusalem. This was a reprehensible attack at the entrance to a synagogue on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I thank my friend, US President Joe Biden, who spoke with me and expressed outrage and condolences over this terrible murderous attack. I also thank the many other leaders, including from Arab countries, for standing alongside Israel at this time. We are all praying for the wellbeing of those who were wounded in the two attacks.

I would like to commend the police officers and security force personnel for their determined and swift action, and also the resourcefulness and heroism shown by ordinary civilians who took action against the terrorists and thereby saved lives.

Our response will be strong, swift and precise.

Whoever tries to harm us – we will harm them and everyone who assists them.

We have already carried out widespread arrests of those who support, assist and incite terrorism.

We are deploying forces. We are reinforcing units and we are doing this in various sectors. We will seal and demolish terrorists' homes in expedited processes in order to exact an additional price from those who support terrorism. This process already began yesterday and is continuing.

This evening, I will submit to the Security Cabinet additional steps in the fight against terrorism. This includes significantly hastening and expediting the licensing of weapons for authorized civilians. As we have seen time and again, this saves lives.

I will also submit to the Security Cabinet the revocation of national insurance rights from families that support terrorism.

This government will act against terrorism with vigor, determination and strength. We will do so calmly and resolve.

While we are not seeking escalation, we are prepared for any scenario.

I again call on the citizens of Israel: Do not take the law into your own hands. We are not in the days of the underground. We have a sovereign state, with an excellent military and security forces.

Let them carry out their work."