Liora and Moran Atsilov, daughter of Roza Atsilov, who was wounded in the shooting attack in Neve Yaakov on Shabbat evening, recounted how their mother came face-to-face with the terrorist.

"She had gone out for a walk, and suddenly she stopped short as she realized that a bullet had hit her in the leg - and then another one in her arm," they described. "She turned and saw the terrorist and said: Please, don't hurt us. And he actually replied, speaking in Hebrew - he told her that he wouldn't shoot at girls. Then he turned away and shot someone else - a young woman - in the head."

The sisters added that, "It took so long before anyone from MDA came to help, to provide first aid. The police also took a long time to arrive, even though there's a police station right nearby. It was almost ten minutes before anyone arrived. Our mother was injured by a fragment of a bullet that had ricocheted off somewhere - she hadn't been targeted.

"Our feelings are all confused and we only hope that the families will receive all the suppor they need," they add, "including our mother, who was injured, and all our sisters, who are still traumatized by what happened."... Read More: Arutz-7