Baltimore, MD – Jan. 24, 2023 -  An Israeli man expressed his gratitude to HaShem this morning, making a tikkun hodaah after finding his missing ‘tik’ (bag).

BJL ran an announcement on Motzaei Shabbos after a Hatton Road resident found a black leather bag that contained a passport, cash and other sensitive documents.  Israeli musician, band leader and event producer Efraim Potolsky, who is visiting from Israel, was reunited with his bag after the announcement appeared and was grateful to once again be in possession of his passport and other important items.

Potolsky celebrated his find this morning after davening, along with Rabbi Tzvi Teichman, mara d'asra of Ohel Moshe.

יגעת ומצאת !

Seek (at BJL) and ye shall find !