Baltimore, MD - Dec. 1, 2022 - Pirchei Agudas Yisrael of Baltimore hosted its annual post Succos banquet on Sunday, November 13th at Greengate (Liberty) Jewish Center. Boys, grades 1-5, who learned the required minimum of Torah study over the Succos vacation were invited to attend this enjoyable event.

Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, Pirchei’s director welcomed the record crowd of over 700 boys and fathers! Rabbi Moshe Heinemann congratulated their accomplishments and related a dvar Torah in appreciation of their learning. A lively musical interlude was enjoyed compliments of Rabbi Eli Sofer.

The highlight of the evening was an awesome and enthralling science show presented by Yochanan Ghouri of N.Y. He demonstrated the many qualities of air and how it mixes with water to create clouds. Among the many amazing and dazzling feats were the clouds that wafted throughout the ballroom and the rain cloud that “exploded” and got everyone near the stage wet.

A boys menu of hotdogs and fries plus was prepared by O’Fishels catering and muchly enjoyed. All in all, the boys left with a wonderful feeling of encouragement and energised to continue with their positive accomplishments. Chazak !