Dan's Deal reports that most of the passengers who were collectively denied boarding on their connecting flight 1334 to Budapest after flying on Lufthansa flight 401 from JFK to Frankfurt earlier this year have come to a settlement with the airline.

Sources tell me that the airline has agreed to settle for $20,000 plus $1,000 to cover expenses related to the incident.

The law firm that negotiated that settlement is taking 18% of the $20,000, leaving passengers with $16,400 plus $1,000 to cover expenses, for a total of $17,400 per passenger. Those checks are now being sent out.

Roughly 128 passengers were denied boarding and 2 were allowed to board. If the airline paid out $21,000 to each of them, that would be an expense of about $2.7 million. However some passengers weren’t part of the settlement, for various reasons.... Read More: Dan's Deals